Biomass arrives at Old Hall Country Club & Spa

Cheshire Health Club installs biomass boiler

Old Hall Country Club & Spa Club Members watch with interest as the beautiful grounds and gardens around the Club have a ditch run through them this autumn to install a Biomass Heating system, the first of its kind in any health or country club in Cheshire.

Imported from Austria and housed in a larch clad steel building, it has been especially clad in larch timber to blend in with our 12 acres of countryside landscape. Promising to provide better heating and more constant hot water for showers and heating, and even some heat for the Gym and Aerobics Dance Studio this winter, our latest project burns locally sourced wood pellets, in keeping with Old Hall’s commitment to using renewable resources and energy saving devices throughout the club and in addition to our long standing composting and recycling policies.

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