Massage Treatments

Lava Massage – absolutely exquisite, definitely one of the most relaxing massages that I’ve had and would recommend to others without hesitation. Will be raving about it!
Jo Cleeton, Chester, GP.


‘The combination of heat and massage from the Lava shells really helped to relax my shoulder knots, can’t wait to repeat the experience.’
P.A Riley, Psychotherapist, Chester

Lava Shells Massage

60 Mins £70 30 Mins £45 Dubbed ‘the new hot stones’, Lava Shell treatment is a hot massage using 100% recycled, natural tiger clams shells. A mixture of minerals, algae, salt water and essential oils is placed inside the clam causing a chemical reaction which means the shells stay hot for over an hour – a lot longer than the stones. This allows us to perform a deeper massage while we glide warm, smooth shells over the body with varying pressures, techniques and precision. Hydrating oils moisturise and also emit calcium ions on contact which leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft!

Aromatherapy Massage

60 Mins £70 30 Mins £45 Our therapists blend essential oils to balance your emotions and apply gentle massage to improve your general health and wellbeing. Evidence shows that Aromatherapy can alleviate symptoms associated with stress and relieve tension. A gentle, relaxing massage.

Pregnancy Massage

60 Mins £70 30 Mins £45 Our special intuitive massage will provide relief from back pain, headaches, achy feet, anxiety, joint pain and more, as well as helping to rehydrate your body as it expands to accommodate new life within.
Simple hypo-allergenic oil, comfortable moves and deep respect for your baby to be.


40 Mins £40 The ancient art of healing by stimulating organs and re-circulating energy in the body using acupressure points on your feet. Our therapists have many years of experience in treating a variety of conditions through this gentle technique.

Indian Head Massage

40 Mins£40 Adapted from Ayurveda medicine to alleviate tension and shoulder strain, and in the neck, scalp and face. Effectively treats stress and related conditions, used with or without oils. No need to undress.